About TastyCookery

For about 3 years now (since February, 17, 2014) we have been collecting and cooking various recipes - easy and challenging, tried-and-true and exotic, lavish and healthy, quick and time-consuming – in order to create the fullest all-encompassing digital cookbook ever! We wanted to make it attractive, too; but the more we cooked, the more photographs we took and the more dishes we tasted, the better we came to realize that sometimes truly yummy homemade dishes can look really gross online!

We’ll be honest with you: we had also wanted to make our project perfect, to fill it with beautiful and neat magazine-style photos and uniform recipes. And who can blame us for that? But after a number of failed attempts to make impeccable photographs and polish the recipes, we decided to change the tactic. And we have been sticking to it ever since. Because this new tactic is called the truth. It can sometimes be challenging, like life itself, but it is the only tactic that is worth using.

Most the time we cook in a hurry after a long day at work, but we are still persistent to cook a fresh meal every night or at least warm up yesterday’s leftovers, not frozen packages bought ready-made. Let the serving style be sloppy. Let there be sauce all over the sides of your plate. But it will be steaming with a hearty helping (or a moderate portion) of delicious goodness that came right off your stove (or oven, or slow cooker – who cares as long as it is cooked with your own hands?)

There are no photo lenses in real life, no filters to apply to a messy bean soup, no stickers to adorn a bowl of porridge. But we still enjoy these simple dishes, because they are seasoned with love and care because we know how good they taste and how much joy a smiling face painted with jam on top of your child’s morning oats will bring. It’s not gourmet; it’s real. It’s the truth.

Just like sharing a home-cooked meal with friends and family, cooking it together can be an important part of life. Speaking of thoughts and experiences, helping each other, spilling things and laughing at the mess you’ve made will bring you closer to the people you love and respect. Sometimes, in the atmosphere of collaboration and eagerness to achieve a common – delicious – goal, even a meaningless conversation would deepen and become a thoughtful exchange of ideas and emotions. Something as simple as chicken soup would create memories if you cook it together. We tried it once (and wrote about it here) and now we know it for sure!

Cooking together helps families know each other better and become closer

No matter what you are – a cooking enthusiast or just a hungry passer-by – we have a true recipe for each and every one of you! Thank you for being with us!