5 Easy Mexican Side Dishes for Cinco de Mayo
Try cooking authentic Mexican side dishes for Cinco de Mayo.

Let us offer you a selection of dishes from an unfairly disregarded section of Mexican menu – side dishes. You have probably thought that it is limited to varieties of beans and rice, but there is an amazing array of healthy and hearty accompaniments to your favorite main dishes cooked in Mexican style. They add a new dimension, making every mouthful an explosion of savory and earthy flavors. So, what can you embellish your gastronomic fiesta with? Get great cooking ideas and handy how-to’s from this list of 5 easy Mexican side dishes:


Corn salad with tomatillo guacamole

This salad owes its amazing smoky flavor to the grilled corn kernels, which, btw, is a perfect match for creamy ripe avocado, fresh Fresno chilis and sweet red onions. But the secret ingredient of this recipe is the tender tomatillo dressing that, joined by crumbled cojita cheese, makes the salad a culinary marvel!


Cilantro rice

The greenish tint of the rice visually reflects its flavorful taste, loaded with cilantro, garlic and chili. This dish is both spicy and gentle at the same time, which makes it a perfect partner for any main dish of the Mexican menu.


Smoked sweet potatoes salad

Here’s another dish with an accentuated smoky flavor, but a completely different texture and taste. The sweet potatoes coated in a spicy rub are complemented with deliciously crispy bacon crumbles and a complex dressing to make an unusual salad.


Mexican slaw

It’s the healthiest choice of all: raw beets are known for their intestine cleansing properties, and jicama plus cucumber yield a pronounced fresh taste to this vibrantly-colored slaw. The use of sesame oil and soy sauce gives this traditionally Mexican dish an unexpected Asian twist.


Refried beans

Don’t be afraid: these refried beans are not soaking in lard or any other fat. This flavorful garnish is creamy, yet textured; the subtle taste of beans lets the ancho chili powder, garlic and cilantro accents stand out.

Choose the Mexican side dish recipe you like best or cook them all in turn – they will surely add more warmth and complexity to any homemade dinner!

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