5 Reasons Your Diet Doesn’t Work
Do you feel your diet fails to work in the right way? Learn your dieting mistakes!

When you come to a decision to start a new, healthier and fitter way of life, the hardest task you probably face is sticking to a strict diet without breaks. However, in fact, things are even more complicated and you may make a whole series of mistakes before you realize your diet habits don’t work. Why can it happen and what prevents you from losing extra pounds?

  • You go to the gym before work and then spend the whole day sitting in the office.

Unhealthy sitting in the office

You may think that an intense morning workout gives you an opportunity to totally relax during the day and spend eight hours sitting in your chair. Unfortunately, this idea is completely wrong. According to a study made in 2015, prolonged sitting influences your health in a very negative way despite all exercises you do.

Healthy tip: During lunch, walk for at least half an hour.

  • Due to the lack of time, you eat luck very quickly or don’t eat it at all.

Lunch at the office

A job can become rather stressful at times and make us work more than we’re supposed to. However, you should try to never sacrifice your regular meals and continue to eat them in a normal manner if you want to avoid overeating at night.

Healthy tip: Pack a balanced lunch beforehand and don’t forget about healthy snacks like whole fruit or almonds.

  • You exercise a lot and then eat a lot.

Too much food

Never forget about the basic rule of losing weight – you should burn more calories than you receive from food. Consequently, if you burn many calories at the gym and then take the same (or bigger) amount of them eating a huge burger, things won’t work in the right way.

Healthy tip: Check how many calories you’ve burned after a workout and decide what you can eat afterwards.

  • You cook meals for the whole week on Sunday but then get tired of them on Tuesday.

Food prepping

Preparing food for the week may seem a great idea for those who have busy weekdays, but eventually it starts to work against you. A huge soup pot and five chicken sandwiches are hardly the thing you want to eat for five days in a row.

Healthy tip: Cook several simple meals like roasted veggies or barbecued meat and prepare different sauces to help the dishes taste in a new way all the time.

  • You purchase healthy snacks that turn out to be not so healthy.

Unhealthy snack

You may think that a pack of nuts is a good idea for a snack but forget the check the ingredient list. As a result, you eat roasted nuts with a lot of added salt, sodium, and sugar.

Healthy tip: If you need a healthy snack, choose whole fruit or whole-grain cereals and crackers.

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