Bet You've Never Grilled It Before!
Tired of traditional BBQ recipes? Treat yourself to something fresh!

We love BBQ season and all these good old grilling recipes – grilled salmon, grilled chicken, and grilled potatoes. But what about a non-standard approach to grilling and trying something completely new? Let’s find out what foods can be cooked at your BBQ party without damage to taste and health!


Grilled watermelon

Although there is hardly a person who will refuse a raw watermelon slice, it’s destined to become a crowd-pleaser once you grill it. To make barbecued watermelon taste very special, brush it with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.


Grilled banana

If you’ve heard about grilled bananas before it’s high time to try them now! Fire caramelizes them and turns them into a true delicacy. Cut them lengthwise, sprinkle with sugar, and eat using a spoon (don’t peel them in this case).


Grilled cheese

Halloumi or Mozzarella cheese (not fresh) varieties will suit this purpose just well. Grill and enjoy cheese that has a crispy crust and is so tender in the middle!


Grilled avocado

Keep the peel of avocado on, brush its flesh with olive oil, and sprinkle it with salt and pepper. When grilled, cut it into bite-size (or a bit bigger) slices and serve with a beef or chicken steak. Another option is to grill jalapenos and red onions, too, and prepare a grilled guacamole afterward.


Grilled bacon

In fact, grilled bacon reminds of fried bacon a lot but has a more charred flavor. You can use it in your burgers or crumble it and add as a hot dog topping. If you want to make the food healthier, use grates and cook it over aluminum foil.


Grilled mango

If you’ve ever tried to barbecue peaches and nectarines (and liked them) mango is the fruit you should cook next. As in the case with avocado and watermelon, brush it with olive oil and season with cayenne pepper to make the dish spicier.


Grilled jalapeno

Mmmm, it’s something you’re sure to love! Don’t cut jalapenos before grilling – just brush them with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, grill, and cut into small slices.


Grilled citrus fruit

Like in the case with bananas, citrus fruit get a delicious caramelized taste and texture when you barbecue them. You may cut them into thick slices or into halves and grill face down. Use your grilled fruit in different ways – for desserts, lemonade, or as a side dish for steak or fish.

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