How Many Calories Does Your Cooking Spray REALLY Have?
Zero calories in a cooking spray that contains a number of oils - is that possible?

Have a look at the label of your cooking spray – how many calories is it said to contain? We bet the number is zero or close to zero. However, there are other “diet” foods that are said to contain no calories thanks to artificial ingredients added to them. Does it mean that a “zero-calorie” note shouldn’t be surprising for us? Let’s make things clearer together!

If you think of a cooking spray, PAM is probably the first brand that comes to your mind. The first three ingredients mentioned on its labels are canola oil, palm oil, and coconut oil. The list doesn’t contain any artificial elements, right? The fact that real oils have no calories sounds really strange.

Spraying a pan

It’s time to dig deeper into the matter and reveal the mystery! We’ve tested cooking sprays in our kitchen and here’s what we’ve found out. It has become evident that the nutrition labels on the majority of cooking sprays take around 1/3 a second to calculate the number of calories in one serving.

Culinary oils

How much time does it take you to spray your pan? As for us, the time is surely longer than 1/3 a second – in fact, it’s about 1 second. As a result, we can see that there are about eight calories per every spray. Therefore, if we spray a 13x9 inch glass pan it will take us three to four seconds, which results in around 25 to 30 calories per one pan. Not even close to zero!

Oils in spray

However, despite the fact the labels on cooking spray are a bit unfair we still believe that these sprays are a good idea to use for those who want to consume fewer calories. Taking into account that there are about 41 calories in one teaspoon of canola oil (and you’ll probably need more than just one), preparing meals with a cooking spray seems a better solution.

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