How to Indulge in Delicacies and Stay Healthy
You CAN digress from your strict diet, but you need to learn how to incorporate delicacies into your healthy eating plan in the correct way.

All of us would like to think that treats should be a part of a balanced diet to keep us healthy and cheerful; unfortunately, it’s not always so. And although there exists a widespread belief that we can’t speak of “healthy” or “unhealthy” foods as any healthy diet is just a balanced one, we’d still better keep it in mind that we should think twice before choosing a delicacy as a part of our meal.

Moderation Above All

There are numerous occasions during the year when we can’t but treat ourselves to some delicious delicacies without looking back (Christmas, birthdays, etc.), but for the rest of the year, it’s still better to control our diet and choose more nutritious and balanced foods. In case you can cope with this challenging task you will not feel guilty every time you eat a candy.

Variety Rules

Choose foods of different shapes, colors, sizes and flavors to make your diet really healthy

  • Choose foods of different shapes, colors, sizes and flavors to stick to a really healthy and balanced diet. When your diet contains a product of every rainbow color you can be sure it’s quite healthy.
  • Keep including veggies and fruit to your diet, and make them at least one-third of the whole portion. Another one-third should consist of carbohydrates, and the last one-third should include milk products and protein. If a food has too much sugar or salt it’s better to eat it only from time to time. 

Choose Healthy Snacks

  • We often eat food with a huge amount of calories but of a low nutritional value. Try to prepare healthier meals that will ensure better protection for your organism.
  • One of the best ways to consume more fruit and veggies than sweets is to always have the former within your arm’s reach. Place a bowl filled with fresh or dehydrated fruit and vegetables on your table and enjoy them every time you feel hungry.

Increase Nutritional Value

  • Eat more fruit and vegetables instead of other treats that contain too much salt or sugar. They’re tasty, healthy, and can be consumed everywhere. What’s even more important, such an approach will help you have the needed 5 servings of fruit and vegetables daily.
  • Prepare more tasty dips like hummus or berry yogurt to upgrade your diet.

Enjoy Frozen Berries

Pop some berries in the freezer to treat yourself to a delicious dish throughout the year

Put some berries in a freezer to treat yourself to this delicious dish throughout the whole year. Mix them with yogurt to make the meal more nutritious.

Choose the Best

When it’s impossible to avoid treats, choose the best well-tried traditional recipes; then, if you have a balanced diet, it will not do any harm to your organism. 

Watch the Size

Make sure the size of your servings is not too big. Take smaller plates to put your dessert on, and choose a smaller bowl to scoop your ice cream in.

Prepare Your Treats at Home

Cook your treat at home to make them healthier

  • If you cook a meal yourself you always know what it consists of and what size it should be. Buy smaller kitchen equipment to prepare tiny muffins or thin waffles, and you’ll definitely kill two birds with one stone!
  • Make delicacies only a small part of your meal. Treats that only make 1/5 of your serving will not do much harm. Let the remaining 80% be split between normal breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Eat Consciously

  • Don’t just wolf your food down, take some time to enjoy your meal. Your stomach will inform your brain you’re full in 20 minutes only, so wait for some time before you decide to take another serving. When treating yourself to a delicacy, make it a special occasion. Enjoy your treats, do not just consume them! Act responsibly, and you will always know what you eat and why you eat it.
  • Remember that balance is the most important thing. It’s not a big problem if you treat yourself to some delicacy from time to time, just follow our tips to preserve a healthy and active lifestyle.

What are YOUR tips for keeping a healthier diet? How do you trick yourself into eating healthier foods? Let us know via Customer Care!

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