Something New about Chain Restaurants
All chain restaurants have to add THIS to their menu!

Think of McDonald’s hallmarks – there are many of them, right? However, there is one thing other restaurants will have to learn from the world’s most famous fast food chain. What is it? Read on to learn more!

New Laws

Foods with calories

In May 2018, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) established a new law according to which restaurant chains with 20+ locations have to mention a calorie-count on all the meals they serve. Now, all big chains have to change their menus a bit adding this info to every item. But there is more! Today, these organizations should also provide the same name for one and the same dish at every restaurant of the chain.

High-calorie dish

Is the idea good? We believe it is! On the other hand, the FDA doesn’t oblige any food locations to provide all the nutritional facts; it still recommends that such businesses should give them upon request. This information includes numerous points from total fat to cholesterol and from sugars to sodium.

Is It a New Feature?

Baskin Robbins ice-cream

The calorie law was first proposed back in 2014 raising debates and, consequently, a significant delay. Surprisingly, it was not hard to convince restaurants to update their menus – on the contrary, they had done it long before the law was adopted and signed! These chains include Baskin-Robbins, Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, Subway, and some others.

Now, more than 230,000 American restaurants will have to join the group! Are you ready to check if the novelty has been successfully introduced in all of them?

Total Transparency: Pros and Cons

Restaurant meal

On one hand, it may seem that providing all this information can bring along some negative consequences. People will see the big amount of calories they consume at restaurants and realize how unhealthy some dishes are. However, it didn’t work this way with McDonald’s! The restaurant chain introduced these changes in 2016 and the sales have not declined – on the contrary, they have increased!

Low-calorie dish

How is it possible? It’s an easy trick: customers know what they eat and how this food will influence their body. The information is neither concealed nor distorted and this total awareness wins over the clients’ hearts.

On the other hand, many restaurants start to think healthier and offer healthier dishes to attract more people who look for something tasty yet healthy. On average, new dishes have about 56 fewer calories than the well-known ones!

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