TastyCookery Story: Family Values and New Experiences
We had a very interesting joint cooking experience in our TastyCookery kitchen, and we'd like to share it with you!

We at TastyCookery do not separate work from family matters. We look for the best recipes at work only to give them a go at home in the evening and see if they are worth sharing with you the next day! This is why we’ve picked the easiest of the tasty recipes we have recently tried and taught an impromptu master-class for our kids!

It all happened on a fall day. Not an especially sunny or colorful one, with a little drizzle from the skies. At first, no one was particularly hopeful. But it all turned out in the best way it possibly could, and now it’s time to share our heartwarming experience with you!

Lush cranberry upside down cake

“If I were to describe the event in a single word, I would say it was a whirlwind. A whirlwind of action and conversation, of inspiration and joy, and, most certainly, a whirlwind of cake flour whisked by our little ones!”

Get the recipe for the lush Cranberry Upside-Down Cake!

Cauliflower rice is a delicious side dish

“I enjoyed watching children learn cooking from grown-ups. It was obvious that our little ones felt at ease even when it was not their mother who explained things; they got really, honestly involved in the process! I am so proud of the kids (not only my son), of how curious, eager, and persistent they are, how big their dreams and life plans are! I’m happy we had this chance to discuss a lot of meaningful things together.”

Try cooking Cauliflower Rice - it's an amazingly easy and tasty side dish! 

Hairy hotdogs are a fun dish to cook with kids

“My son just met the daughters of my coworkers today. And they spent – what? – a couple of hours together, but he is already adamant that we will make Christmas presents for the girls because they are nice people and nice people deserve to be treated in a nice way.”

Cook the fun Hairy Hotdogs with your kids, too!

Soft, fluffy waffles make a fine breakfast. Get the recipe for waffles

“When you join cooking forces with people for the first time, you can always expect to make a discovery. You get to know there are completely different ways to do routine things. Take me, for example. I’ve always taught my daughter to crack eggs with a knife and made it a point that she should not strike too hard to avoid cutting her fingers. But today, my teammate was just passing by and she said: “Jean, why don’t you use the dull side?” as if it was a given! My, my! We’ll sure use the dull side from now on!”

Waffles make an excellent breakfast! Get the recipe for the Fluffy Waffles we taught our kids to cook!

Chicken soup works well when you are a bit under the weather

“I am not a mother yet, but for me, watching a child-and-mother duo work in the kitchen was a miracle in itself. It’s wonderful how people change when they step outside of their professional roles, how kids and parents are very much alike, yet very different.”

Feeling a bit under the weather? Get the recipe for our Anti-Cold Chicken Soup - it works wonders!

Tuna steaks make an easy, quick, filling, and nutritious dinner! Get the recipe for seared tuna

“Kids have such a unique view of the world! Today, for example, my daughter saw raw tuna steaks stacked on a plate waiting to be marinated, and I could not understand why she was not repulsed by the sight of raw fish because she usually is. Turns out, she thought those were watermelon slices!”

Cook the easiest dinner possible with this Seared Tuna recipe!

Cake in a mug is the easiest dessert even a child can cook

“Sometimes we forget to give our kids a choice because we grownups can’t spare the time or know which way the thing is done best. But today, I watched those little ones make big decisions (what filling to choose for a cake you’re baking for your mommy is a big decision, right?) and I was impressed! They’re so creative, so confident, and so thoughtful!”

Craving dessert? Get the recipe for individual Cakes in a Mug and nuke a delicious baked goodness in under 5 minutes!

We were not particularly hopeful at the beginning, but we were so pleased with the process and the result! We enjoyed the experience, our kids enjoyed getting new skills, and we most certainly enjoyed our big tasty family dinner! Already looking forward to the next TastyCookery event we have planned for December!

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