Top Foods to Eat in October
October has crept upon the world, enveloping us in the aroma of pumpkin spice. What else did it bring? Get the list of seasonal produce and recipes!


Beets are in season in October. Get recipes to cook with beets

Beets have a pronounced earthy flavor that many find controversial. If you enjoy the brightly colored roots, here are the states you can have your beets in: raw, boiled, or oven-roasted. For a vegetable, beets are very sweet; when cooked, they have a very nice tender texture that works well with mild cheeses and crunchy nuts.

Cooking with Beets:


Broccoli is in season in October. Get recipes to cook with broccoli

If you still hate broccoli, it means that you do not know how to cook it in the right way. Yet. Stop steaming it till it gets mushy and loses its beautiful emerald color. Choose a firm, small, spotless head and see it work wonders! Chop up raw broccoli and throw together a salad with crispy bacon and nuts. Cut it into florets and serve with sliced carrots, peppers, and a bowl of ranch dip. Sprinkle with salt and freshly ground black pepper and pop in a hot oven (not for long!) You can also amp the taste of the cruciferous veg by adding ginger, garlic, and some other ingredients that will give your broccoli a kick!

Cooking with Broccoli:

Collard Greens

 Collard greens are in season in October. Get recipes to cook with collard greens

Just like its cruciferous cousin, collard greens will tolerate no overcooking. Collards are also known as Chinese kale, which means they have a pronounced bitterness to their taste and a tough texture. However, it also means that they taste great when sautéed in olive oil and seasoned with salt and hot pepper.  

Cooking with Collard Greens:


 Kale is in season in October. Get recipes to cook with kale

Kale may no longer be the new black of cooking, but it is still going strong. Its peculiar flavor develops wonderfully in stir-fries and smoothies. But then, you can always simply rub it with olive oil, salt, and pepper and roast till you get a panful of yummy kale chips.

Cooking with Kale:


Mushrooms are in season in October. Get recipes to cook with mushrooms

There are loads of edible fungi species that can be foraged, but we will opt for safer mushrooms that are widely available in stores. They can be enjoyed raw (with a dash of lemon juice), sautéed, roasted, grilled, and cooked in a dozen other ways. Complement mushrooms with a pronounced taste of herbs de Provence, garlic, onions, freshly crushed black pepper, and dry wine, both red and white.

Cooking with Mushrooms:


Pumpkin is in season in October. Get recipes to cook with pumpkin

‘Tis the pumpkin season! Enjoy pumpkin pies, rolls, spongy cakes, pumpkin roasts, pastas, lattes and what not till your mouth is sore and then a little longer! However, there is a thing to remember: if you decide to bake with pumpkin, opt for store-bought pumpkin puree – it will help you avoid unwanted outcomes that you can get due to improper (too liquid or too thick) texture of homemade pumpkin base.

Cooking with Pumpkin:


 Spinach is in season in October. Get recipes to cook with spinach

Spinach may not be as packed with iron as we used to think due to a misplaced decimal point, but it still is one of the healthiest greens. Enjoy it fresh and crispy in salads or wilted in warm dishes. By the way, isn’t it weird that the month of turning leaves features so many bright greens?

Cooking with Spinach:

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are in season in October. Get recipes to cook with sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a versatile ingredient! They can be really dessert-worthy when sweetened, mashed, and complemented with pecans, or they can be bold, salty, and roasted, enjoyed with a hot sauce! Which way is your fave?

Cooking with Sweet Potatoes:

There is an abundance of other produce you can still enjoy in October. Peek into our September article – all the foods are still in season!

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