Salad Recipes

Salad can be a wholesome meal, a light accompaniment, a healthy side dish, or a burst of color and vitamins some seasonal meals lack. Find classic and new slaw and salad recipes in this section!
Cucumber-Watermelon Salad
Try this easy and super light watermelon salad with cucumbers – the most refreshing summertime treat!
Orange and Avocado Salad with Blue Cheese
Got avocados on hand? Make them taste even better in this simple and healthy avocado salad!
Spicy Apple and Savoy Cabbage Salad
This apple and savoy cabbage salad won't take you more than 10 minutes to prepare and will become a healthy alternative to your long familiar salads!
Almond and Strawberry Salad
Welcome spring with this Almond and Strawberry Salad that is perfect for spring outings and tastes like spring itself!
Baked Potato Salad
Be sure there will be no leftovers! A great dish that tastes equally well both hot and at “room temperature”.
Tuscan Panzanella Salad
Fresh veggies and Italian bread – Tuscan Panzanella Salad is one of the recipes you'll love in summer (and any other season!)
Fresh Tortellini Basil Salad
A delicious pasta salad with cheese-filled tortellini and sweet basil – easy to cook, quick to eat!
Exquisite Greek Salad
Probably one of the best Greek salad recipes in the world! Try it to see for yourself!
Egg Salad for Sandwiches
A perfect egg salad to serve on rye bread! The taste is wonderful and the texture is so pleasant!
Our Best Potato Salad
Probably the most classic potato salad recipe is great for serving next holiday!
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