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What will you find in the fall issue of Tasty Tales? You’ll get quick and easy lunchbox recipes for those of us who go to school, university, or work. The other key topic is seasonal foods – what is best to cook and eat this fall.
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What is in magazine?
8 recipes
Recipes to pack for your kids
We do our best to choose the foods that still look yum after several hours in the lunchbox to make sure our kids won’t trade or toss their lunch and buy something sugar-loaded instead!
16 recipes
Eat seasonally!
Traditional fall dishes warm your heart and body, they amplify that special coziness one only feels on a rainy fall day at home.
TastyCookery Special
Whatever seasonal recipe you choose to cook for dinner, you still need something tasty and seasonal to wash it down with. At TastyCookery, we often opt for apple kompot for kids and mulled wine for adults, and we would be happy to share both recipes with you!
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