Goat Cheese
  • Caprylic acid – fights bacteria, viruses, yeast and fungal infections
  • Calcium – helps strengthen bones; improves dental health
  • Probiotics – improve intestinal health; boost immunity; fight inflammations and allergies
  • Copper – takes part in energy productions; improves bone health; promotes red blood cell production

Only buy from a trusted shop. Choose paper wrapper cheese whenever possible. In vacuum-packed pre-cut cheese, look for even white color, firm texture, and no separation between the inner circle and the rind. No excess liquid should be visible. All in all, goat cheese that looks old most certainly is old, so trust your eyes.


Paper-wrapped cheese should be eaten immediately after purchase. Store in the fridge wrapped in wax paper for 7 days tops (and check it every day, too)! Vacuum-packed cheese can be stored for up to 2 months. Once unpacked, it should be stored in a plastic container with a lid or, better still, eaten immediately.

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