Servings: 4
1 cup
Italian dressing
5 tbsp.
4 hoagie rolls, cut lengthwise
4 tbsp., prepared
Deli turkey
½ lb., sliced thinly
½ lb., cooked, sliced thinly
Swiss cheese
½ lb., sliced thinly
Dill pickle slices
1 cup
Olive oil
½ cup
Media Noche (Cuban Sandwich)
10 m
45 m
Ready in:
55 m
  1. Combine mayonnaise and Italian dressing in a small bowl and cover rolls with the dressing.
  2. Cover each roll with mustard, and place deli turkey, ham, and cheese on the rolls and layers.
  3. Top each roll with the slices of dill pickle. Close sandwiches and brush the top and the bottom of each with olive oil.
  4. Take a large non-stick skillet and heat it over a medium-high heat, put sandwiches in the skillet, and cook for about 2 minutes. Press the sandwiches down with foil-covered plate.
  5. Flip the sandwiches and cook for 2 minutes more or until the cheese melts.
  6. Remove sandwiches from heat, arrange them on serving plates, and cut into halves diagonally.