Servings: 20
Unsalted butter 
1 lb
Semisweet chocolate chips 
1 lb and 12 oz
Unsweetened chocolate 
6 oz
Extra-large eggs 
Instant coffee granules 
3 tbsp
Pure vanilla extract 
2 tbsp
2 1/4 cups
All-purpose flour 
1 1/4 cups (divided)
Baking powder 
1 tbsp
1 tsp
3 cups, chopped
Brownies with Coffee and Walnuts
30 m
35 m
Ready in:
65 m
  1. Preheat the oven to 350° F (180° C/Gas mark 4). Prepare a 12x18 baking sheet by buttering and flouring it. 
  2. In a bowl over simmering water, mix butter, chips (1 lb), and chocolate. Next, let it cool slightly. 
  3. In a separate bowl, stir together eggs, coffee, pure vanilla extract, and sugar. Add the chocolate mixture to the egg mixture. Stir. Let it cool to room temperature. 
  4. Sift together all-purpose flour (1 cup), baking powder, and salt. Add to the chocolate mixture. 
  5. In a separate bowl, combine nuts, chocolate chips (12 oz), all-purpose flour (1/4 cup). Add the mixture to the chocolate mixture. Pour into the prepared baking sheet. 
  6. Bake in the preheated oven for 20 minutes. Rap the sheet against the oven shelf. Bake for 15 minutes more (use a toothpick to check for doneness: insert it in the center and check if it comes out clean). Let the Coffee Brownies cool. Cut and serve. Enjoy your easy Brownies with Coffee and Walnuts!