Servings: 16
Strong black coffee
8 cups
White sugar
1 ½ cups
½ cup, melted
Vanilla extract
1 tsp
Unsweetened cocoa powder
½ cup
All-purpose flour
¾ cup
¼ tsp
Baking powder
¼ tsp
Coffee-infused Brownies
30 m
1 h 15 m
Ready in:
1 h 45 m
  1. Pour coffee into a saucepan. Cook uncovered over medium-low heat, stirring constantly until cooked down to a thick coffee concentrate (about 2/3 cup) – it may take 30+ minutes. Remove from heat, let cool down to room temperature.
  2. Pre-heat oven to 350°F/180°C/Gas Mark 4. Apply cooking spray to an 8x8-in baking pan. 
  3. In a large bowl, stir sugar with butter until smooth. One by one, beat in eggs, then vanilla extract followed by coffee concentrate and cocoa powder. Mix well until you break down all lumps. In a separate bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder, and salt; add the dry mixture to the large bowl with moist ingredients and stir well until combined into a smooth batter. Pour it into the baking pan, spread evenly.
  4. Bake for about half an hour; check the readiness with a toothpick – it should come out with nothing moister than moist crumbs. Let cool down to room temperature, cut into serving-size bars.