Main dish

Juicy Lucy Burgers

15 m
10 m
Ready in:
25 m
Mmmmm, so juicy and delicious! Cook these burgers for your next party - indoor or outdoor!
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Servings: 4
Ground beef
1 ½ lb
Worcestershire sauce
1 tbsp
Garlic salt
¾ tsp
Black pepper
1 tsp
American cheese
4 slices
4 hamburger buns, split
  1. Season ground beef with garlic salt and pepper, add Worcestershire sauce and mix very well. Divide into 8 equal parts and shape flat patties.
  2. Stack cheese slices and cut the stack in a crisscross manner. Now arrange 4 pieces in a stack and place between two patties. Seal the patty with your hands. Repeat with the other patties and cheese pieces.
  3. Place a heavy skillet onto the cooker, preheat to medium. Cook cheese-filled patties until browned on each side, 4 min per side. If the burgers puff (it is natural because the melting cheese produces steam), poke a hole to let the steam out.
  4. Serve on your favorite buns with your favorite ingredients.
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